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Four-Year-Old Ready for Take-Off

Four-year-olds have a natural affinity for language. They are starting to think logically and can use language to express their thinking. Your pre-kindergartener is eager to explore and learn more about the world. Find out how your child can stretch her imagination and discover new concepts with confidence.

Balancing the right amount of learning and fun to bring out the best of each child is our focus. Our Pre-Kindergarten program will prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond by developing learning in language, math, and reasoning, while continuing to extend his or her building of social and emotional skills.

Atkins Tender Loving Care’s Pre-kindergarten program’s ultimate goal is to prepare your child to successfully enter kindergarten next year, and to become a lifetime learner. In the short term, we will introduce much of the scheduling and activities that will make the transition to kindergarten an easy one. Throughout the three year preschool curriculum, which encompasses Early Preschool, Preschool and then Pre-Kindergarten, your child will acquire a full breadth of developmental skills necessary to successfully enter kindergarten eager and ready to learn.

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