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a teacher and the students

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teacher and the students

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Atkins TLC’s basic curriculum philosophy operates under the premise that children learn best through a structured play environment. This philosophy is formally adopted from the “Creative Curriculum.” The whole idea of this philosophy is to allow creativity and imagination be the primary contributors in a given learning environment. In support of our philosophy, Atkins TLC utilizes various theme based materials that promotes appropriate experiences in key areas of development. To support that aim, Atkins TLC classrooms are divided into “learning centers.” The Learning Centers found at Atkins TLC include:

  • Science/Discovery
  • Dramatic Play/Housekeeping
  • Language/Reading
  • Creative Expression
  • Manipulative
  • Blocks

A minimum of two (2) hours per day are allocated for “free choice” in any area that a child selects. Through constant interaction our students maximize their potentials and, upon matriculation, are prepared to face the rigors of Primary education.

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