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a teacher and the students

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teacher and the students

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About Our Child Care Educational Programs
Beyond daycare — Our educational program goes beyond providing care. We are a child development center.
The Creative Curriculum

A curriculum is designed to challenge our children, build their self-confidence and, most importantly, develop a love for learning, Atkins Tender Loving Care follows the Creative Curriculum. Being multi-cultural based, it encourages learning through arts, language, music, and socialization. We believe in age-appropriate activities based on the philosophy of a structured learning environment with the ability for creative expression. This nationally renowned approach, built upon cutting edge learning theories and scientific knowledge of child development from early infancy through the preschool years, focuses on teacher-directed and child-initiated learning. The curriculum is goal-directed, based on ongoing assessments for each child’s strengths and interests. With this information, learning can be guided while the child’s social and emotional development is supported by recognizing the important role of parents and of how learning can be reinforced at home.

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